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You Won’t Lose When Doing What’s Right | Great Story of Eli Beer Hatzalah Covid 19 | Behaalotcha

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So Judaism believes you never lose out when doing the right thing.
A fundemental part of being a good person in this world, is to know that even if I think i am losing out at the moment, in reality I am gaining in the long run. Thats just how good works.

A kind employer that rewards his employees knows that although he is losing at the moment, in the long run he is gaining a more productive workforce.

so how do we see this in the Torah? in this weeks portion behaalotcha we learn of passover 2.0 Its a strange thing. its real. when the first passover came along after the jews left egypt alot of jews couldnt join in the celebration of the holiday because either they were contaminated from being in contact with the dead or they were too far to make it. so they reached out to moses and they said lama hareota why should we miss out! why should we be worse off! and to this gd agrees and says for asking I will give you a second passover every year, a month after passover, and its called pesach sheni.
and the obvious question that is brought up is what do you mean why should we be worse off. Your difficllt circumstances can’t change reality. You missed the date you missed the date. how can you ask for such a thing? where else do we see such a phenomena that if you miss something we make a new holiday just for you!? Its like saying. Hey you’ve been travelling and you missed shabbat on friday night saturday so you know lets just make up for it on wednesday. It simply doesnt work! Its like trying to celebrate your 20th birthday when you are 25.
and the answer that is given by the ohr hachaim is that they didnt just miss out they were doing somehing that Gd told them to do. They were doing mitzvot like taking care of the dead. and for that they had the right to ask why should we miss out! why should we lose? You see when we do what is right you will not lose. God will even make a new holiday just for you.

This actually happened this year to the famous Eli beer. He founded hatzalah a massive non profit emergency paramedic organisation that is now all over the world. This year he left his family in israel in order to fundraise for his organiation. He was in miami and he was struck with covid 19. It got so bad that He was in a coma during passover. long after the holidat When he miraculously started to recover and they woke him up, the first thing he asked was
when is passover? Where are my kids? they told him passover is already over. Long story cut short he was flown back to israel on a private jet greeted with hundreds of HIS ambulances and workforce and of course his family. The entire family moved to a new apartment as he was too weak to climb up the stairs in to his orginal home. But Eli explains that the moment of absolute emotional breakdown was when a few days later he sat with his family for a pesach sheni a passover 2.0 and he was given the opportunity to hear his children sing the song of mah nishtana.

my friends the way that the world works is that when doing good in this world we think we are loosing out. Never let go of this belief that if I am truly fulfilling the words of HAshem I will not lose.