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Why Are Jews So Obsessed With Egypt

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Key Notes:

The Nachmanides at the end of Parshat Bo (בא) asks the question, what is it with the Jewish obsession with Egypt?

We left Egypt over 3000 years ago and yet we still relive the story every year. We, put it on the tefillin (תפילין) we wear first thing in the morning, put it on the mezuza (מזוזה) of every door in our home, we say it in Shema (שמע) the most important prayer. We won’t eat a meal without mentioning the leaving of Egypt, Shabbat (שבת) and Jewish holidays, especially Passover (פסח) are about Egypt. So why are Jews so obsessed with Egypt?

The answer lies in the three ways Judaism wants us to perfect ourselves. Those are:
1. Between man and himself
2. Between man and God
3. Between man and his friends

Jews are so obsessed with Egypt because it can affect our day-to-day lives. To hear the fascinating answer and learn how click the video above.

Shabbat Shalom,
AishLIT Los Angeles