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Why Are Human Beings So Complicated

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Taco, Tequila, and Torah Tuesdays – 11/28/2017

Why Are Human Beings So Complicated

Why are human beings so complicated? As humans we get embarrassed from practically everything. Tripping over something in the street or walking in the wrong direction. How many times did you realize you forgot something in the middle of walking and had to go back? Did you just turn around? No, you picked up the phone and pretended to talk to someone so it wouldn’t look weird. How many times did you leave a store without buying anything and had to look around all worried, making sure no one thinks you are stealing something?

As humans we do many things differently. We wear clothes and cook our food. We managed to fly to the moon, require life meaning, feel regret, and question everything. Our voices are used to talk and we have many languages. In contrast to other species we take our time to develop. Animals do not have to go through all that. They simply walk from the moment they are born, are constantly naked, and live their same simple lives the same way every day.

There is also a big distinction between human children and human adults. A child is a lot likely to forgive and forget something right away, while adults can hold grudges and not let go of things for years to come. When a child is upset, after an hour him/her go back to normal life forgiving all that had happened and showing love to the person they were just upset with. Adults on the other hand can be upset at their friends for 20 years because they said something that was a little mean.

So why are human beings so complicated? Why are we so different than any other species on the planet? The answer is, we are more than just a physical being. We are bigger than ourselves. We are a combination of physical and spiritual reality. But why is that important?

Recognizing that you are greater than just yourself makes you love yourself more and value your time more. The soul has a great effect on our behavior and us as a whole. In Hebrew the word truth is amet (אמת), if you take away the Alef (א) you get the word met (מת), which translates to dead. The names for man and woman are Ish (איש) and Isha (אשה), coming from the root of the word Aish (אש), which translates to fire. Humans are energy, they can use fire to create or to destroy. Without a soul, without energy, without the truth we are nothing but physical beings, practically dead.

Our soul is the reason we want perfection. It is the reason we want to be limitless and self sustained. Our soul doesn’t want to be told what to do, and our soul is the reason why we are so complicated. Our soul is capable of a lot more than our physical body, and it is a part of our creator that is unlimited and never goes away. Our body is just clothing for our souls, but our body is still important, as we would not be able to be ourselves and live life without our body.