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What is modesty? | Parables of the Talmud

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Every expensive painting needs a frame its purpose is to protect and preserve the picture. if it’s dirty or damaged we won’t be able to see the picture for what it really is. On the other side a frame that is too flashy can turn our focus away from the image and also defeat its purpose, which is to enhance the painting.

We believe that the greatest painting on Earth is the human being a creation of God. it’s actually many paintings within a painting the heart, the eye the brain, and the deepper you look the more you will discover, it’s truly beyond us.

The painting is who we really are deep from within, a Godly creation,

The frame is all that we have and do our car our money our clothes our looks our job. Its purpose is there simply to enable us to become the greatest people we can be. But of course it’s not who we are! I’m not my job I’m not my money I’m not my car nor am i my body it’s not who I am it’s just my frame.

The human which is the most beautiful painting on earth most definitely needs a clean and presentable frame. But here’s the catch, if we expose too much, flashing all that we have in order to gain attention, I will be identified as a frame and in turn hide the gorgeous picture that I truly am from within.

This my friends is the definition of modesty in Judaism being modest means when its necessary I conceal alot of what I have and do so that people can identify me for who I am and not for the things I Own.

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