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Internal Vs External, Weekly Devar – 3 Adar I

In the physical world we build the external before the internal.
In the spiritual world we build the internal before the external.
Allow me to explain. When someone builds a house they don’t make the furniture first, they make the house first and then they bring in the furniture.
A house is a physical thing.

In the spiritual world we build the furniture and then we build the home. We know this from the tabernacle. They Were instructed to build the vessels before the building. We build on the internal and then on the external. The external is made based of the internal. What matters the most is how we are on the inside. In the spiritual world we understand that if we strengthen our inner selves everything else will fall into place. For example

A person with a stronger identity will be firm with what exactly they want when dating. They will find it easier to know what they want and don’t want and will save so much time on uncertainty.
A person who wants to educate his children must strengthen their inner selves. They must have a greater spiritual identity. You can’t educate a child by telling them what to do, you have to do and they will follow.

A person who wants a greater connection with their parents or spouse they need to change themselves not their parents. Your parents make their own choices.
A person that wants to be happy will need to change their internal mental mindset not their external.
A person can put a lot of effort on the external expecting the joy to simply fall into place but unfortunately the world has proven that it doesn’t work that way.
Living in a better land, having more money, a better career, did not save millions of people from a broken relationship. From anxiety From depression or anything worse.

You can’t fake true spirituality to someone that knows you because it projects straight through you to the outside.

In the physical world the older you get the weaker you get. In the spiritual world the older you get the greater you get. Why? because as you get older you hopefully grow with experience and wisdom. The greater you grow as a person from within, the greater you become.