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Sukkot – The Holiday Of Happiness

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Key Notes:

Hear Rabbi Jack Melul discuss Sukkot (סוכות), the holiday of happiness and the meaning behind the holiday as a whole. Featuring a special guest appearance of two of his daughters.

In a straight to the point talk, Rabbi Jack explains that the word sukkah (סוכה) in Hebrew comes form the word sikuach (סכוך). Meaning to cover and to look through. For that reason a sukkah has a schach (סכך). A material that covers the sukkah, but at the same time allows us to look through and see the sky. The theme of sukkot is zman simchateno (זמן שימחתנו), the time of happiness. It is known as that time because after going through Rosh Hashana (ראש השנה) and Yom Kipur (יום כיפור) we are now forgiven. We have the chance to go into the tabernacle, the palace of the king. There we get to recognize where we are and the gift we have received. It is our opportunity to celebrate.

Sukkot is a time where our relationship is strengthen after having troubles and issues that we go through in previous holidays. For that we are now happy, and for that sukkot is known as the holiday of happiness.

May you all have a happy sukkot,
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