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Rights vs Obligations

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Key Notes:

In Judaism we know that there is no such thing as rights. No one has rights. However, we do have obligations. If something is yours you are obligated to look after it and take care of it. This week we are coming into the 10 commandments, and what it teaches us is that we must transform from an environment of “I have the right” to an environment of “I have the obligation”.

You can easily and clearly see the difference between the two. “I have the right” focuses on deserving and entitlement, “I have the obligation” focuses on giving and having responsibility. Since the moment a child is born and all the way into adulthood we have obligations. Those are, brit, bar-mitzva, wedding, mitzvot, and more

To hear how each one translates into obligation, click the video above, and hear the beautiful message by Rabbi Jack Melul.

Shabbat Shalom,
AishLIT Los Angeles