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The Power Of Free Time

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Key Notes:

Hear Rabbi Jack Melul talk about the great power of free time. Not for rest or quite, but rather as a defining tool of who you are and how you are seen. From parashat vayetz (ויצא) we learn that Jacob ( יעקב) had to leave his brother Esou (עשו). Rather than telling the short story, it focuses on the little details of common and regular human behavior. Which can easily seem irrelevant. The beautiful thing is that all humans do the same basic things, but the importance those small details receive is usually on the same level as the unique ones.

The real question asked, is what do people do on their free time?
Rabbi Jack discusses a few examples regarding to thieves, liars, relationships, and parents. Relating to the importance of free time and the power it has to define you when you are with someone and when you are alone.

To find out the powerful message and answer in the week’s torah portion, click the video above.

Shabbat Shalom,
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