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Personality Development and Life Skills of Maimonides | P2 What Am I Living For? | EP67 | Relatable Judaism Podcast

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This is part 2 of Maimonides personality development and life skills of Maimonides

Maimonides wrote 14 volumes on the entire Torah. In the first volume Maimonides dedicated one section called Hilchot Deot literally translated as laws of the mind to personality development and life skills. They are 7 short chapters filled with practical and meaningful advice for becoming a spiritual person.

In this section we went through the second and third chapter of Maimonides where he continues to demonstrate examples of what it means to go in the way of God.

In summary there are two main ways to be In the path of God
1 Going in the middle path and always working on moving back to the middle path of all my personalities. The extremes are evil and not In the way of God
2 Ask what am I doing this for? Sleep, work, health, workouts, , children and everything else I do should only be done so that I can be a better servant of God. Non of these things are a goal in itself and If I do make it a goal I will eventually be very unhappy.