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Personality Development and Life Skills of Maimonides | P1 Finding Balance | EP64 | Relatable Judaism Podcast

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Maimonides wrote 14 volumes on the entire Torah. In the first volume Maimonides dedicated one section called Hilchot Deot literally translated as laws of the mind to personality development and life skills. They are 7 short chapters filled with practical and meaningful advice for becoming a spiritual person.

In the first chapter he explains the commandment “to go in God’s ways”. Maimonides explains that this means to always aim for the middle path in all our personalities. Every personality has two extremes, the middle path is the right path. For example if pride is one extreme, no self esteem would be the exact opposite. The middle of these two is humility. The same will apply to all other personalities. Finding the middle path applies only to ones character.
If a person finds himself going to one of the extremes he must go to the other extreme for a while until he ends up in the middle again. Doing this is the act of a pious person.
Different Circumstances in our lives always keeps moving us away from the middle path and our aim is to constantly work towards that middle path.

This a fundamental rule in Judaism and a very important lesson for ones growth.