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Making It Yours

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Key Notes:

Hear Rabbi Jack Melul discuss two important messages we could all learn from Jacob (יעקב). One focuses on bad influence, the other on making it yours. In mystical Jewish teaching we are taught that when a woman is pregnant, an angel teaches the baby the whole torah (תורה). When Rivkah (רבקה) was pregnant with Jacob and Esou (עשו) two things happen. Whenever Rivkah passes a place of idol worship and of evil Esou wants to come out. However, whenever Rivkah passes a bet midrash (בית מדרש) Jacob wants to come out.

It is easy to understand that Esou wants to come out in order to interact with the world. The confusing question is why would Jacob want out? After all he is interested in going into a place of Jewish learning and prayer. While at the same time he has an angel teaching him everything he needs to know about the torah.

There are two answers to the question. To hear why, click the video above.

Shabbat Shalom,
AishLIT Los Angeles