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How To Deal with Our Weaknesses | Parables of the Talmud

Spices. Something so minute and unessential yet it makes all the difference to our food.

You can have a plate filled with nutrition like Fish and vegetables. Trully delicious!!! Yes but only because of the touch of spices that was added according to that persons needs.

In Judaism we are told that the wisdom of Torah is like a spice to our bad character traits.
What does that mean?
Why would I want to spice up my Anger, Ego or any other negative feelings?
The answer is because
we don’t believe in destroying our bad character,
we don’t believe in destroying a childs hyperactivity,
We don’t believe in destroying our fire that is burning from within. we believe in spicing it up and chaneling it for the good!

We are taught that fascination with horrific and gruesome activity can create surgeons to save lives.

So… the next time you see something frustrating in yourself or someone close to you, ask yourself. What good can come out of this? and how can it be spiced up for the better?

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