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Gratitude Redefined, God Doesn’t Need Your Thank You

Key Notes:

This weeks Torah portion discuses Moshe (משה) and Aharon (אהרון). When Moshe was told to bring the plagues to the Egyptians two of them were carried out by his brother, Aharon. The reason Aharon carried out the plague of blood was due to Moshe being saved by water and therefore not wanting to be the one to hit the water transforming it into blood. The reason Aharon carried out the plague of lice was due to Moshe being saved by the earth when he hid from the Egyptians and therefore not wanting to hit the earth to bring the lice.

Rashi (רשי) (1040-1105) points out that from those actions we can learn the importance of gratitude. In addition, the Ramchal (רמח״ל) (1707-1746) explains that it is a lesson of gratitude redefined. The water and the earth cannot feel anything and they certainty do not hold Moshe accountable for hitting them, so why did Moshe care? Moshe cared because of gratitude, the gratitude he has for those elements saving him. Gratitude is about what it does to you and not only about what it does for others.

A parent does not need a child to say thank you, it simply wants the child to be happy. In that same manner God does not need us to say thank you or make any blessings. He is the one who is all powerful, he does not need a thing, he simply wants us to be grateful and happy. The same concept applies to almost all of Judaism.

To hear the beautiful message by Rabbi Jack Melul, click the video above.

Shabbat Shalom,
AishLIT Los Angeles