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Epigenetics and The Spiritual Gene We Learn From Moshe Rabeinu

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Key Notes:

Hear Rabbi Jack Melul discuss a beautiful message we learn from Moshe Rabeinu regarding DNA. As it is scientifically known we all get DNA from our parents that is passed to our children. The Torah teaches us that the actions we do and that others do to us changes our DNA as well. Epigenetic defines the behavior and characteristics that are given to us through our actions and our environment over time. Unlike our genetic DNA those can change.

Moshe Rabeinu had a name given to him by his parents but that is not the name he used. Instead he used the name Moshe, which was given to him by Pharaho’s daughter. Moshe means to bring out. That name had a greater meaning to him and had a greater effect on his behavior and characteristics.

To hear the beautiful lesson from Moshe Rabeinu, click the video above.

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