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Educate Yourself, Invest In Yourself, Change The World

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Key Notes:

Hear Rabbi Jack and Rebbetzin Shira Melul discuss the importance of education. Talking about how educating yourself can help you educate your children and generations to come. As a result helping shape and change the world.

In a short video both explain how children are prone and wanting to do and act as their parents do and act. However, not all educational styles work. Based on a few examples of famous rabbis, they explain that a way to educate a child is through his and her own way. Showing a child what to do is more effective than telling a child what to do. Through that they feel that acting a certain way and doing certain things is their decision, and as a result they stick to that behavior.

The same applies to us as young adults and adults as a whole. When you educate yourself by doing you learn more. By learning more you feel more. When you feel more it sticks to you longer. In a sense, your heart is drawn after your actions.

The key to education is education. The most powerful tool we have for educating our children and future generations is to educate ourselves.

Shabbat Shalom,
AishLIT Los Angeles