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A Rabbi’s Response to Seth Rogen | EP62 | Relatable Judaism Podcast

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This talk is not just a response to Seth Rogen but a defense for Judaism and it’s people on a whole.
We don’t always have to respond to people that are negative towards Judaism but we do have to respond to our inner selves in an honest and authentic way. Why am I Jewish? Do I really know anything about it? Was Hebrew school until the age of 13 enough to tell me that I can be at the front of worlds criticizers of Judaism. Do I hate the minorities of my own people just because they are different? Is that the same as antisemitism? Can Jews be antisemitic? Am I more willing to go out my way to except other cultures and minorities that I never hold their values to be true? Will I go out my way to accept my own culture even if their values are true? If you want to hear a passionate talk that has all the answers to almost every topic that is criticized in Judaism, then this talk is for you.