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10 Challenges To Learn From Abraham

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Key Notes:

Hear Rabbi Jack Melul discuss the following 10 challenges to learn from Abraham, and what they mean to him. These are challenges and tests that Abraham went through and withstood. These are also challenges that we all go through at some point or another thought out our lives.

– The search for meaning.
– Making progress.
– Livelihood.
– Finding your soulmate.
– Evil inclination.
– Identity.
– Peace in the home.
– Raising children.
– Sacrifice.

These challenges that Abraham went through can come into play in our own lives. It teaches us how we can overcome them and embrace them rather than fight against them. As they have more power for our progress than they do hurt us. We also learn that in order to overcome these challenges we need emona (אמונה), faith, and knowledge that there is a creator and that we do have a purpose and meaning.

Shabbat Shalom everyone,
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